HMS Penelope Falklands Crew 1982

"Penelope Sailed south as part of the Bristol group Taskforce in 1982, She had a crew onboard that had sailed together no more than a few months. I didn’t know anyone who had been to war or in a conflict before!  so what could we expect?

As we sailed past the Ascension islands weather turned bitterly cold as we prepared for our first Falklands winter. I think we will always remember our first and last action Stations on this tour. Without knowing our fate, solid defence watches and real action stations, I believe we now bonded together as one crew. When we heard HMS Sheffield was hit and some of the crew was lost – We all knew from that minute our bond would always be there"


Lewie Armstrong  - AB Gunner HMS Penelope 81-84


"It was to my mind always a team effort, we all needed each other to make it work and I know this was not always so in one or two of the other ships. That we still are all in touch also says something"

Peter Rickard  - CO HMS Penelope 81-83



We now meet up every 5 years to replenish that special tie and to honour those still on Patrol and shipmate's who have crossed the bar since our return in 82.

Former reunions
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