A vast database cataloging every known Royal Navy vessel lost over the past six centuries is now available for the public.

Created by the Maritime Archaeology Sea Trust, the ‘Loss List’ features more than 5,000 warships and auxiliaries going back to 1512.

To find out more, click here:


And to search the database, go here: http://ow.ly/sntm50HqKkI

Army Navy Game April 29th 2017

Cenotaph Sunday 13th November 2022.

We will apply for 30 places this year or more if required

Please everyone who would like to march please go to

Contact page and fill in all details -  Subject box put “cenotaph” -  in message box need contact numbers

Once I have all names I will send out each one personally a form which needs to be filled in

Please do this even if you have sent me an email or posted on facebook


Just to make you aware if not taken part before!

You are likely to be standing in Whitehall for at least 1.5 hours

prior to the March Past, then marching for a distance of over 1 mile, possibly in inclement weather.

(fowl weather clothing will not be allowed!!)

Any issues or concerns contact me lewie@hms-penelope.com

or use contact page on website

Take care - stay safe - Lewie

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