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Shadow  and  Slops
The Association keeps in touch through a Newsletter, the Shadow', so-­called because that was the nickname given to the Penelope by the enemy during the war.
It contains news of the association, as well as articles relating to the two Penelope's.
We are always looking for content, tell us about your time on Penelope, any old sea story, jokes.
Please use our contact page and drop us a line
You see below various issue's, please click on any issue, it will open in another window where you will
be able to download or print it out.
As new issues are released they will be accessible on this site.

Blazer Badge  £16.00


Pin  £3.00


Round Pin Badge  £4.50

Round Pin Badge £4.50

Tie £7.00

Plaque £13.00

Please email or  

                                                      for availability and postage costs

© HMS Penelope Association

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